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Name: Enzel
Are you 18 or over?: yes!
Other characters played: Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] skyguy), Sync/"Ion" ([personal profile] quinary)


Name: Ventus
Canon: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Age: Unknown, approximately 15.
History: here!
Point in canon: when he arrives on Destiny Islands after being sent there by Terra to protect him.
Window Location: Destiny Islands play island, under the bridge.
Universe: Kingdom Hearts: the Worlds
Abilities: Ven is a Keyblade wielder, the owner of a special weapon that appears and disappears at will. It can unlock anything, even a heart, and is also used to fight and cast magic. The Keychain hanging from the hilt can be swapped to alter the appearance and strengths of the weapon.

As it's name suggests, a Keyblade is a sort of hybrid between a key and a sword. Ven's is shorter than average to suit his quick, close quarters fighting style. He wields it with a reverse grip. He has a special affinity for wind magic and can use a light-based attack that's unique to him called Salvation, which both heals him and damages the enemy.

He also possesses a suit of armor that essentially folds up onto a small piece on his shoulder. (it's magic, okay) When he wears it, it protects him from the darkness encountered while travelling between worlds (space, essentially) as well as provides extra defence in battle.

-> command styles

Magic aside, Ven is physically a fairly normal teenage boy, though heart (essentially, soul) is pure light and almost impossible to corrupt. This is a pretty literal thing; he can show negative emotions, but ultimately he's on the positive spectrum.

Possessions: His clothes, his armor, his Wayfinder, the Keychains he's collected on his journey, some potions and ethers and whatever munny he has on him.


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Name: Tuulikki
Sex: female
Form: Fennec Fox
Additional notes: Vanitas is able to touch her with no ill effects, since he was once part of Ven. Also, since she's technically only half a soul, she tires easily and needs to be carried around. Her playful nature only speeds that up.
Why this form: Fennec foxes are playful, social animals, unlike most other foxes, which are solitary. They are quick and agile and adaptable to harsh conditions, as they live in the desert. Though he doesn't remember it, Ven's childhood is assumed to be an unhappy one, but he proved resilient to any lasting damage. There is also the fact that while he's happy with his friends and teacher, he longs to travel and see other worlds. Fennecs can be somewhat domesticated, and kept as pets, but they are still wild animals and require special attention.


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